At Life Resolutions, we know that accessibility can be a serious barrier to seeking quality mental health care, so we’re always looking for ways to make it easier for you. Plus, telehealth psychology has plenty of other advantages too – check it out!

It’s a Time-Saver

If you have a busy schedule, you’ll definitely appreciate this one! Telehealth psychology means you don’t have to worry about making it to and from appointments – you can chat to our psychologists from wherever you are!

It’s Flexible

Did you know we offer afterhours and weekend telehealth appointments? We want to make sure everyone who wants support can access it – so our friendly psychologists are available to chat at a time that works for you!

It’s Available Now!

Telehealth counselling appointments are available now at Life Resolutions with no wait times, and no Mental Healthcare Plan or private insurance required. Check out our new Telehealth Intro Offer, or chat to our team to find a telehealth counselling option that works for you.

Life Resolutions Telehealth Counselling – Book Today!

With the advent of technology like video calls, it’s now easy to chat to one of our Life Resolutions psychologists on the phone or online. If you’d like to book your telehealth counselling appointment with us, please contact the team today, or browse our website to learn more.