At Life Resolutions, we’re passionate about good mental health for all. With that in mind, Founder and CEO, Jodie Brenton, is here with some important statistics on youth mental health in Australia.

Youth Mental Health in Australia

FACT: Around one in seven young people experience mental health disorders.

FACT: Over three-quarters of mental health problems emerge before the age of 25 – that means the teen years are critical for early intervention.

FACT: Only around 30% of young people who experience psychological distress seek professional support – key factors for seeking support include a healthy network of family and friends and having access to mental health resources.

Counselling for Teenagers at Life Resolutions

The teenage years can be a tough time. Emotions run high, and teenagers can have trouble coping with things that adults might not even consider. If you have a teenager at home who would like to seek some professional support, contact Life Resolutions today. Our friendly team of counsellors are here to help with whatever is going on – visit our website or chat to the team to find out more.