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As a psychologist, Mary Magalotti has always cared about the mental health needs of others, when Mary had founded Life Resolutions she was investing in a business to make sure that psychology and counselling services were more accessible to all Australian’s who needed mental health support. Mary did this by creating a psychology franchise network that consists of highly respected and dedicated psychologists, passionate and dedicated to improving the mental health support needed in Australia Mary provides a model for our psychologists that allows less time spent running around and working on admin, marketing, finance, and other internal business operations work which psychologists need to run a successful private practice, Mary & Liferesolutions team look after these day-to-day business operations so that psychologists can devote more of their time to helping their clients in need. Mary understands that mental health affects all areas of life including how we think, our overall mood, and how we might behave towards others around us. Mary says this is why it is important to take care of your mental health. Having Mary on board has helped Life Resolutions establish itself as a strong professional psychology and counselling services business.

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Mary Magalotti has always put her clients first in her role as a highly respected Psychologist. That is why she joined Jodie Brenton to create Life Resolutions with the goal to provide Australians with easier access to mental health care services. Since forming Life Resolutions, psychologists are able to provide help to anyone in need covering all specialties and with the ability to book appointments conveniently.

Mary has ensured that each one of the Life Resolution psychology franchisees provide a caring, non-judgemental, and understanding environment so each patient feels completely comfortable to talk about any mental health issue they might be personally facing. We listen to your concerns and work personally with you to help you with any stress you might be facing currently in your life.

As a previous private practice psychology owner, Mary understands how to build practices to make sure each franchisee is equipped to handle any range of problems clients might need to ensure they live a happy & healthier lifestyle.

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If you would like to hear more about the journey of Life Resolutions or speak to Mary, simply follow this link. Alternatively, feel free to visit the Liferesolutions website to discover more about Life Resolutions and the team.

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