Stress is not always a negative; in fact, it is what drives us to get things done. However, stress can sometimes build up and cause a negative impact on both the mind and body.

Stress is not itself a mental illness, but it is often seen alongside conditions such as depression and anxiety, and severe and prolonged stress can even bring on these conditions.

The psychology team atLife Resolutionshave extended experience helping people find productive ways to manage stress that work for them. Our principal psychologist, Mary Magalotti, and CEO and Founder, Jodie Brenton understand how difficult stress can be to manage. AtLife Resolutions, we offer mental healthsupport for people dealing with stress as well as counselling services for any other issues clients may be facing.

Mary Magalotti and Jodie Brentonknow that stress can be bought on by a variety of factors, and different methods of managing stress will work for different people.

Advice from Mary Magalotti and Jodie Brenton on Dealing with Stress

Mary Magalotti and Jodie Brenton have a wealth of experience providing psychological services through Life Resolutions to help people to deal with stress. They have compiled some tips and tricks that may help you.

Work– work can be a major source of stress for people, so try your best to keep your stresses at the office instead of bringing them home.

Relationship conflict –if you often find arguments with your friends or your significant other weigh heavily on your mind, address these disagreements as soon as you can in a calm manner to avoid further conflict.

Finding a way to unwind– if your mind is always full of anxieties about work and daily life, it is important to do something that allows you to let go for a while. Exercise is particularly helpful, but you might also like to try taking up something you have always been interested in, whether it be cooking, a craft, or anything else.

The importance of sleep and rest – the body’s own way of dealing with the daily concerns of life is through sleep. If you have trouble getting enough sleep, make sure to take time to unwind before bed by dimming the lights and staying off your phone.

Seeking help – if stress is beginning to cause you problems in your work or personal life, it is important to reach out and seek professional help.

If you are looking for stress counselling and management, the Life Resolutions team are here to help you. We will assist you in finding strategies that work for you and your lifestyle, and work with you to address what is causing stress in the first place.

The Life Resolutions Clinic

At Life Resolutions, we have a team of compassionate and experienced mental health professionals that would love to help you work through your stresses and anxieties.

As Melbourne is currently under stage four restrictions, our Life Resolutions clinics are offering Telehealthconsultations as well as face-to-face sessions. Telehealth allows us to continue to provide our counselling services to all who need our support.

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If you would like to learn more about the work we do at Life Resolutionsor want to speak to either Mary Magalotti or Jodie Brenton, you can contact us here. You are also welcome to head to the Life Resolutions website to see more of Jodie Brentonand Mary Magalotti’s Life Resolutions work.