Children, like adults, can be vulnerable to anxiety. In a 2015 study,The Australian Government reported that 6.9% of Australians aged from 4 to 17 experienced anxiety. Anxiety in children can be just as difficult to manage as adult anxiety, and can cause issues with social development, education, and poor health outcomes.

Indicators of Childhood Anxiety

Anxiety in children often presents quite differently than adult anxiety. Children dealing with anxiety may have unfounded fears about daily life, interactions with others and unfamiliar settings. There are some key indicators that your child may be experiencing anxiety –

  • Do they often cling to you and become upset when they are dropped off at school or you are away?
  • Do they seem to struggle to engage with their peers and often stand on the sidelines of activities and games?
  • Do they struggle with changes in routine?
  • Do they seem fearful of new places and people?
  • Do they have problems with their sleep or eating, especially before anxiety-inducing events?

It is important not to dismiss symptoms of anxiety as bad behaviour or shyness, because your child is likely truly distressed by these feelings. Children often have trouble communicating their worries, so it is important to monitor their body language and behaviour.

Life Resolutions Supporting Children and Families

Mary Magalotti and Jodie Brenton at Life Resolutions are proud to provide high-quality mental health care to children and families.

Our team employs a variety of techniques to help children with anxiety, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This treatment involves working with the child to help them manage their feelings of anxiety and finding ways for them to cope. We also believe that parents and caregivers should be a key part of the process, and we encourage families to continue to work with the child at home.

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If you think your child might be experiencing anxiety or you are worried about their emotional health, please contact Life Resolutions today to book an appointment.

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