Information on Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is an often-invisible condition that affects many Australians. Roughly one in three people suffer from chronic pain, meaning that it is likely you, or someone you love, experiences this difficult and often debilitating condition.

Chronic pain can be caused by any number of illnesses, incidents, and injuries. If pain after an accident or illness persists for 12 weeks or more, it is considered chronic pain, and specialist support may be required. If you are suffering from chronic pain, you might consider seeking not only physical health advice, but also psychological support.

 Psychological Support for Chronic Pain with Life Resolutions

A psychologist can work with you to create achronic pain management plan to help you manage your use of painkillers, identify flareup triggers and retrain the brain to assist with pain management. A psychologist can also help you work through the psychosocial issues associated with chronic pain and help you live your best life.

 If you experience chronic pain, remember –

  • Although chronic pain may mean you need to adjust your lifestyle and forgo some previously enjoyed activities, you can still lead a meaningful and enjoyable life.
  • Accept that you are experiencing pain and it is impacting your health and lifestyle. Remember that the pain you are suffering is a real and physical condition, and you cannot simply ‘will it away’ by pretending it does not exist.
  • Prioritise tasks and break them down into smaller, more achievable goals. Be kind to yourself if you cannot accomplish everything you set out to do and celebrate the small wins.

At Life Resolutions, our team of mental health professionals can work with you to create achievable goals and help you manage the feelings of sadness, anxiety and poor self-esteem that sometimes coincide with chronic pain. We are here to help you continue living your life despite chronic pain.

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