While there is still a stigma around drug and alcohol addiction, those who are suffering should remember that anyone can be affected by this difficult condition, and that there is help and support available.

Although some people can overcome drug and alcohol addictionsthrough social support and avoiding their triggers, many others will require professional mental health support to help them identify the causes of drug use and ultimately overcome their issues. Your dedicated Life Resolutions psychologist will work with you to do whatever it takes to beat your addiction and begin living life drug and alcohol free.

Are you dealing with drug addiction?

  • Do you feel you are only truly happy when using drugs?
  • Do you avoid other activities or social commitments to use drugs?
  • Does a significant proportion of your life revolve around obtaining and using drugs?
  • Do you spend more money than you should on drugs?
  • Are your friends or loved ones concerned about your drug use?
  • Do you experience debilitating withdrawal symptoms?

Are you experiencing problems with alcohol?

  • Is your memory affected by your drinking?
  • Do you hide your drinking from others or make excuses to drink?
  • Are you ashamed of your behaviour when you drink?
  • Do hangover symptoms regularly impact your day?
  • Do friends and family have worries about how much you drink?

A psychology professional can work with you to identify the origins of your substance use and any coexisting mental health issues and help you to reduce your dependence on the substance. When you stop using a substance you usedaily, the withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and difficult to manage alone, so it is particularly important to seek professional support.

Life Resolutions Counselling Can Help You

If you are struggling with addiction or would just like to chat to a professional about your issues, please do not hesitate tobook an appointment with Life Resolutions. Contact our friendly team today or head to our website to learn more about the services we offer at Life Resolutions.

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