It is normal to sometimes feel self-conscious or wish we looked different, but for some, body image concerns can stop you living the life you deserve. If you find yourself avoiding going out, worrying constantly about your looks, and often comparing yourself to others, you may be dealing with poor body image.

At Life Resolutions, we are proud to provide high-quality mental health support to anyone dealing with body image issues. We offer a variety of mental health services that can help you get back on the path to confidence.

Jodie Brenton and Mary Magalotti on Body Image

Over the course of their careers, Jodie Brenton and Mary Magalotti have noticed the rise in body image issues, especially amongst youth.

The time we are currently living in is the ‘age of social media’, and with it comesboth benefits and drawbacks. One of the negatives is how increasingly easy it is for others to criticise public figures under the guise of anonymity. When we see a beautiful celebrity being insulted online by hordes of people because they have gained an extra few kilograms after childbirth or are at the beach with stretch-marks, we tend to transfer these comments to ourselves. Combine this with the rise of endless diet supplements and meal replacement shakes, and it can be easy to believe we really do need to change how we look to be happy.

Jodie Brenton and Mary Magalottibelieve the best body is a healthy body, and we want you to believe that too. At Life Resolutions, we offer a variety of mental health services to help you tacklelow self-esteem,eatingdisorders, depression, anxietyand any other issues impacting your quality of life.

Knowing When to Seek Support with Life Resolutions

It can be tough to know when it is time to reach out and get support, but there are some key signs that mean you might benefit from professional help.

  • Do you avoid activities or outings you think you would enjoy if you were not so caught up in anxiety about your appearance?
  • Do you often compare yourself unfavourably to others and wish you looked like them?
  • Do you get very down on yourself about how you look and engage in negative self-talk?
  • Do you feel like you would be much happier and more successful if only you could change your appearance or lose weight?

How the Life Resolutions TeamCan Help

Here at Life Resolutions, we can assist youin working through your body image issues and help you discover where these harmful thoughts originated from. We can help you create a plan that works for both your physical and mental needs and give you advice on sticking to it.

Techniques Used in Improving Body Image

A psychologist can help you work through all the information you have picked up through life about body image and help you figure out which thoughts and beliefs help you and which do not.

A psychologist can also connect you with other health professionals, like a doctor or nutritionist and help you interpret and apply any information you receive from them.

Ultimately, your psychologist will be your ally and advocate on your journey towards health and happiness.

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Here at Life Resolutions, we are committed to assisting all clients who are experiencing body image issues, and that is why we are currently offering Telehealth servicesas well as face-to-face consultations.If you are struggling with the lack of self-confidence that comes from anxiety about your appearance,contactus to book an appointmenttoday.

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