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A year ago, none of would have believed we would be living through a global pandemic. Yet, here we are, and we have no choice but to adjust. One of the most common adjustments Australians have made is now working from home. Although our commute is shorter and we get to enjoy working away in comfortable clothes, there are also new challenges posed by our office moving to our living room. One of these is a potential difficulty in setting boundaries

Why are Boundaries so Important when Working from Home?

When working from home, it can be particularly easy to lose track of time or spend much of the day procrastinating. You may find yourself sitting in front of your computer for hours at a time, yet still getting very little done. You may feel pressure to always be available to respond to emails from your boss, even if you only see them at midnight. In this way, boundaries between work and home life can very quickly be eroded, impacting your wellbeing and ultimately, mental health.

Tips on Creating Boundaries

The team at Life Resolutions are also working from home during these unprecedented and often challenging times, so we understand what you’re going through. As such, we have put together a few tips and tricks to help people to implement boundaries when your home has suddenly become your office.

  1. Bedtimes and alarms– for many, there has never been a greater temptation to stay up late on social media and press the snooze button on your phone when the alarm rings. But maintaining consistent hours for work, relaxation and sleep is as important as ever. Try to work similar hours as you would in the office and communicate these hours to your manager and colleagues, so your sleep isn’t being disrupted by emails late at night or phone calls early in the morning.
  2. The To-Do List– setting your intentions for the day and sticking to them can help you with boundaries by ensuring you do not take on more than you can handle. If you keep this list of goals in your workspace throughout the day, you will be able to refer to it whenever needed and stay on task.
  3. Scheduling Breaks– do not feel guilty for taking time out when you need it. Regular breaks are an important way tostay productive throughout the day, especially if you are able to spend some time outdoors or enjoying a healthy snack. These breaks help ensure you return work with increased concentration and motivation for the rest of the day.
  4. Lunch Hour– it has never been easier to work through lunch,but if you make time for this important daily meal, both your work and wellbeing will thank you. Use this hour or half an hour to cook a meal in the kitchen or enjoy some takeaway. You could even try setting up a date with a friend or co-worker to eat lunch together over Zoom.
  5. Mental wellbeing– If you are struggling with increased isolation, anxiety and the stresses of working from home, our team of compassionate mental health professionals are ready to help. We are currently offering Telehealth services to allow our clients to access our services online from their own homes. So, if you find the strain of life and work is getting difficult to manage alone,contact our friendly team today to book an appointment.

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