Resilience is the ability to recover and bounce back when we experience adversity or challenging times. It is no secret that stressors in our lives can have an impact on our mental health. Here at Life Resolutions, we help our patients build resilience throughout their sessions.

Resilience is a skill that is learned and practised, not something that we are born with. Life Resolutions Director, Jodie Brenton aims to help everyday Australians develop the skills that allow them to be happy. Jodie Brenton and Principal Psychologist Mary Magalotti have created a team of psychologists that work with aspects such as stress, workplace issues, and sports psychology. These aspects of life can be improved by having resilience.

You can start building your resilience by:

  • Working on your self-esteem and confidence – you can begin building your confidence by writing down your achievements or saying a positive mantra to yourself!
  • Knowing and working to your strengths – acknowledging and taking advantage of your strengths will create a strong foundation of skills to ‘fall back on’ when times get tough.
  • Managing stress levels and using relaxation techniques – mindfulness is a great place to start
  • Knowing when to ask for help – whether it be a mental health professional or a loved one, support is always there when you need it!

Resilience is a great skill for coping with life. The Australian Department of Health suggests that building resilience can help reduce the likelihood of developing severe stress, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Begin building your resilience today. Visit our website for more information on our services. You can also book an appointment with our mental health professionals online or over the phone.